Experience Authentic Neapolitan Cuisine


Trattoria with a contemporary twist: Welcome to Paesàno!

At Paesàno, our mission is to bring the flavors of Neapolitan cuisine to our contemporary trattoria. With a focus on traditional recipes and quality ingredients, our aim is to provide an authentic dining experience that transports you straight to Italy.


Hear what our guests are saying

Fantastic dining experience. Outstanding food with heart and soul. An italian restaurant with Neapolitan focus, plus a Professional and welcoming service. A dinner to remember!

Daniel Lintner

Great experience! As an Italian I found myself cuddled by great wine choices and amazing food. Beautiful atmosphere in the local with plenty of good staff.
I really enjoyed the quality in the dishes, that grant a solid raw material choice.
The pasta dish as well as the meat was delicious


Superb value for money!

Gastronomic experience with high quality ingredients. Worth going!

The dishes have a foot in italy and other Mediterranean places. However, be open minded, they respect tradition but with personality.

Alexandre Ramalho



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wednesday:   17.30 - 22.30

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saturday:   12.30 - 14

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